About Me

I’m Joey Davenport – a father, software engineer by trade, and a potter by passion, currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I think my introduction to clay was pretty typical – a high school pottery class. But perhaps what wasn’t a typical high school experience was the opportunity to learn from a master thrower, Todd Young.

The first time I saw Todd throwing his large, paper-thin forms, something short-circuited in my brain. I ran to a wheel to make some poor imitations but was hooked. For the rest of my days in high school, the only thing that mattered was to hide out in Todd’s classroom and make pots. What a privelege that was.

Life took many detours from those years to the present, but I eventually found my way back to clay in 2020. So now I make up for lost time by creating many “learning opportunities” in my home studio. The goal of this site is an outlet for sharing what I’ve learned and produced, but really I hope to build what feels most important during my next phase as a potter — a community.

I like to post whatever is on my (wandering) mind. Maybe you’ll find something interesting here. If so, I’d love to hear from you.